Date for your diary: The Saxons Five Mile Race, 15th October 2017. Junior races start at 10.45 am, adult race starts at 11.00 am.

 On Tuesdays we have Interval Training or Hill Training and running drills to improve technique. This is geared to various levels of fitness and everyone works at their own pace. On Thursdays we have Fitness Training and Circuit Training, as a way of getting fit fairly quickly. This session is also geared to own pace. Advice can be given on training for all distances, on diet and on motivational psychology.

Saxmundham Running and Fitness Club (The Saxons)

The Saxons operates as one of the sporting sections of the Saxmundham Sports & Recreational Club, a registered charity that owns the Carlton Park sports ground at Saxmundham in Suffolk. Qualified athletics coach and 11 times British Triathlon Champion, Gordon Merfield, formed The Saxons in March 2005. It has grown from a small club catering mainly for new and inexperienced runners and people wishing to get fit, into a club catering for would-be triathletes and members aiming to compete in the UK and abroad. The club has had success at local level and abroad, up to World Championship levels. The club has good facilities with a 23 acre field, changing rooms and an indoor hall for circuit training. The club is open to ages from 14 upwards and for all abilities from beginners to experienced athletes. The aim of the club is to teach the principles of running and training with the emphasis on having fun while getting fit. The club has a number of coaches offering help and advice.


Grand Prix Series

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The Friday 5 site for registering for all six races is now open click here to enter.

friday 5 series

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Race update - several races went on over the weekend. First of all there was the Kesgrave parkrun which Derek took part in. Derek came 41st out of 333 with a time of 22.08.

4 saxons took part in another parkrun but this one was at Lowestoft (207 total runners):
91st Shannen 26.20
30th Jake C 21.59
4th Aiden 19.25 PB
3rd Me 18.06

On Sunday the was the Farmhouse 5 mile - a race just for females. There were 181 runners and 2 saxons took part:
117th Jane 54.16 Furthest distance ever ran
69th Jo 49.20

Southwold Great Local 3 mile - 19 total runners:
12th Lucy 27.25 PB
4th Chris 24.13

Wymondham 20 mile - 284 total runners:
39th Tom Ha 2.22.50

Haverhill cross country results are not up yet so will post those next week. Well done everyone :)

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I think this photo shows the community spirit of the Saxons. Here we have young Vic (a member of only a few months) finishing the Haverhill cross country with 5 other Saxons who supported him all the way down the final stretch! It just goes to show no matter what ability you are, everyone is supported to get to that finish line. Jake C was speaking to me after the race and summed up the Saxons perfectly - "we start as a team and finish as a team"! This is why I love being a Saxon! ...

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Race update - a few races been going on over the weekend. We will start with Lowestoft parkrun where the Bruisyard boys took part (144 total runners):
64th Keelan 26.10
14th Jake C 21.34
8th Aiden 19.57 PB

Next there was the Southwold 3 mile where 7 saxons took part (32 total runners):
22nd Jane 30.50
16th Jo 27.41 PB
15th Lucy 27.38 PB
12th Ryan 27.21
5th Ben 24.03
4th Chris 24.01
2nd Tom Ha 20.00

Next we move over to East Sussex where Sarah V competed in the Coastal Trail Half Marathon. There were 422 runners in the race and Sarah came 323rd with a time of 2.26.42.

Finally, Derek took part in the Stowmarket Half Marathon. There were 402 runners in the race and Derek came 97th with a time of 1.42.14.

Well done everyone - sorry if I've missed PBs, I only know if people tell me/on the Saxons blog (thanks Ben). Haverhill cross country this Sunday (mine and and Tina's birthday :)). It's a fair trek but lets get as many Saxons as possible there for the last cross country of the season. I am hoping to be there racing - chest depending!

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Don't forget, We have Martin Rendle in store at Sport Link Halesworth this Saturday talking all things nutrition. If you have any questions or concerns come and see us. ...

TORQ Performance Nutrition Day

March 25, 2017, 12:00pm - March 25, 2017, 4:00pm

TORQ Nutrition and Dunerunner Races will be spending the day with us at Sportlink Halesworth on Saturday 25th March. TORQ will be on hand for you to sample their superb range of TORQ Energy gels, Recovery Bars and TORQ Chews, whilst Dunerunner will be talking about their unique, challenging, exciting and fun running events available throughout 2017. They will be here to help you with any Sports Nutrition questions, expel a few myths, help you get your Fuelling and Recovery strategies right and generally help you get the best out of your training and racing – weather you’re taking on your first Half Marathon/Marathon/Ultra or looking to improve on previous performances. #torqfuelled #sportlink #dunerunner

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Instead of writing about myself this week, I thought it would be nice to ask everyone about some of their favourite races or running experiences.

I saw a similar thread on the Stowmarket page and thought it would be a good idea.

So either in the comments here or via PM, let me know what your favourite events are in terms of:
Personal performance

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend 😊

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