Club Nights – Limited Training Sessions


PLEASE NOTE:  Due to the COVID-19 outbreak we can currently only offer limited training sessions.

We’re pleased to be able to start offering training to some of our members albeit on a slightly different basis to normal sessions.

We have three coaches available (Gordon, Mark and James) who can each coach a group of 5 Saxons members.  We’d like to start with 10 members on Tuesday 16th and Thursday 18th June at 6.45pm.

If you are a member and you’d like to take part you must ring Gordon first on 01728 831124 so that he can book you in and explain the rules in order to safeguard you.

Both days will be outside running sessions with the object being to improve your running and fitness.

Please note that if you just turn up you will not be able to take part. The Club House will not be open.


Normally (without the impact of COVID-19) our club sessions run as follows and we will let you know when they can resume.

We welcome you to join us on either or both of our Club Nights.

Tuesdays, 6.45pm – 7.45pm, Carlton Park Sports Pavilion, IP17 1AT

Led by a qualified coach we form three groups of improvers, intermediate and faster paced runners and we take part in training activities such as hill training, interval training and running drills.  We encourage everyone to work at their own pace whatever group they are in.

In the winter months we tend to run on the pavements around Saxmundham where there are street lights. As the evenings grow lighter we have the use of the 23 acre Carlton Park Sports Field for our training sessions.  Warm ups and cool downs take place in the hall at the Sports Ground.

Thursdays, 6.45pm – 7.45pm, Carlton Park Sports Pavilion, IP17 1AT

We believe that doing a variety of fitness exercises makes for a stronger runner and on Thursday’s we hold fitness and circuit training sessions in the hall at the Sports Ground.

We also have a group of runners who go out on an informal Club Run on Thursday nights.

Coaches are on hand to offer training advice and motivational tips as and when needed at both of our club nights so don’t be afraid to ask for help. Find out more about our coaches here >