Results 2005

The Saxons
Saxmundham Running and Fitness Club
Races and Results 2005

Members of the Saxons have participated in the following races (with times where recorded).

Waveney Valley 10 mile Turkey Trot
18th December 2005
1:15:27 Christopher Jones
1:17:19 Sarah Vick
1:18:48 Mark Wright

Saxons 5K Fun Run
23rd October 2005
23:37 David Kersey
24:12 Christopher Jones
24:58 Sarah Vick
25:15 Mark Wright
26:33 Jon Alden
30:38 Rebecca Clayton
31:13 Edith Devaney Jones
37:36 Matthew Sayer

Great Yarmouth 10K
16th October 2005
39:32 Daniel Kinsman
44:26 Christopher Jones
48:43 Gordon Merfield
1:00:25 Edith Devaney Jones
1:01:17 Wendy Merfield

Dan breezing to the finish at Yarmouth. He claimed he was in agony, but does it show? Gordon, eating up that distance

Martlesham 10K
9th October 2005
39:50 Daniel Kinsman
44:55 Christopher Jones
46:11 Mark Wright
62:19 Wendy Merfield

Felixstowe Half Marathon
2nd October 2005
1:40:15 Sarah Vick

Framlingham 10K
4th September 2005
42:17 Daniel Kinsman
44:52 Sarah Vick
50:13 Mark Wright
50:44 Christopher Jones

Aldeburgh Carnival Fun Run
14th August 2005
Rebecca Clayton
Christopher Jones
Gordon Merfield
Wendy Merfield
Julie Newport
Katie Newport
Richard Newport
Tim Newport
Matthew Sayer
Sarah Vick
Mark Wright

Benhall Fun Run
13th August 2005
Aimee Canham
Edith Devaney Jones
Gordon Merfield
Wendy Merfield
Sarah Vick
Mark Wright

Wibbly Wobbly Log Jog 5 mile
5th August 2005
38:18 Sarah Vick

Brandon Forest Half Marathon
30th May 2005
1:29:44 Daniel Kinsman
1:57:37 Gordon Merfield
2:22:23 Wendy Merfield

Woodbridge 10K
15th May 2005
41:46 Daniel Kinsman
46:43 Sarah Vick
50:38 Toni Hall
64:30 Wendy Merfield

Heritage Coast 10K & Half Marathon
1st May 2005
Aimee Canham
Toni Hall
David Kersey
Daniel Kinsman
Gordon Merfield
Wendy Merfield
Colin Sibley
Sarah Vick
Mark Wright

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